• Jihee Kim   2016-06-15 09:46

    I really like my capire glove because it is one of a kind. I also like my glove because I know that no one else in the world has the same type of glove as me.

  • Andrew Frank Sisco   2015-08-24 15:03

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  • Cole Heavilin   2015-08-24 14:58

    YouTube Channel: [Heavilinhobby]
    I am currently still using the Capire glove and it is breaking in very well! It is an amazing glove and I would equate it to be better than my Wilsons and about the same quality as the Pro-Preferred."

  • Christopher Iazzetta   2015-08-24 14:55

    Youtube Channel: [TheBaseballBroHD]
    Review: Custom Capire Glove

  • john pollard   2015-06-09 20:58

    YouTube Channel:[glovesandmore]

    THE SHAG MACHINE Capire Outfielders Glove

  • Kelly Ray Burdick   2015-05-28 14:09

    My custom Capire baseball glove is awesome. I have used it for the last five months playing for the College of Marin Mariners; it is broke in perfect. I won the contest and was able to afford my professional grade Capire baseball glove. Thanks for voting.

  • Bailey Van Nosdall   2015-05-21 18:46

    YouTube Channel: [TheBaseball WIZ]
    Capire Custom Catchers Mitt Review

  • ross.goldschlag   2015-05-21 18:36

    Youtube Channel: [The Glove Guy]
    Capire Custom Glove FIELD TEST: Premium Collectors

  • Christopher Iazzetta   2015-05-21 18:17

    Youtube Channel: [TheBaseballBroHD]
    Unboxing: Custom Capire Glove

  • john pollard   2014-11-30 15:19

    YouTube Channel: [glovesandmore]
    Brand New Capire Glove Unboxing

  • Cole Heavilin   2014-11-30 15:17

    YouTube Channel: [Heavilinhobby]
    I am currently still using the Capire glove and it is breaking in very well! It is an amazing glove and I would equate it to be better than my Wilsons and about the same quality as the Pro-Preferred."

  • Michael Hoppe   2014-11-30 09:57

    YouTube Channel: [Baseball Bro HD]
    Capire Custom Baseball Glove Review HD

  • JEFF BACKLUND   2014-10-14 11:52

    I have to say I have purchased Rawlings HOH, SSK, Mizuno and I am COMPLETELY impressed with the quality of this Capire glove! The leather is top quality and the embroidery blows away all the big name brands!I need another glove for my son in college and I won't hesitate ordering another from Capire!

  • Sean Traviss   2019-05-01 23:52

    Just received my new glove, and I can’t wait to get it out on the field! The glove is exactly as I customized it, and seems to be very well made- a bit stiff, but that’s to be expected. I’m sure with some breaking in time it will be awesome!

  • JJ Lamb   2018-07-14 03:37

    The colors came out very well. I was skeptical about using green, since I wasn't sure how it was going to turn out and it looks great. The glove model looks almost exactly like the TPX that I bought several years back, which I am very happy with. This is the classic model and I would have to say I think I made a good decision with this one.

  • 林志軒   2018-01-07 20:39


  • 王宏文   2017-10-11 12:40


  • Brett Heintz   2017-02-18 02:06

    What an incredible company. I was in search of a handmade and quality utility baseball/softball glove, ideally from a smaller market company. I discovered Capire through some research and great reviews. They were prompt in answering my many questions. I decided to buy the 13 inch Classic T-web glove. Overall, I am thrilled with the quality, look, feel and overall craftsmanship. It is equal if not superior to the big name glove company high end gloves I have owned in the past (HOH, pro-preferred, A200, etc.). I look forward to buying more gloves from Capire in the future for myself and my children. I have uploaded a pic, but will add one with me and the glove in action soon. Thanks again.

  • chris   2017-02-07 21:59


  • 蔡上珺   2017-02-07 19:23

    手套都有依照自己設計的方式製作, 資感不錯; 就看星期天實際接球回饋感如何了!!

  • louiscohen1992   2017-02-01 11:38

    talk about a good quality glove. Most gloves take time to break it in and get it right... However with this it just felt right and was able to enjoy it. I will absolutely being using this for years and getting another one when the time is right.

  • Hunter Betts   2016-12-31 23:48

    Just received my custom Capire mitt, I love it, and it came in a week early. It's exactly how I customized it. The leather feels like it is quality, comparable to Wilson's A2000 series. Thanks Capire!

  • Jason.montalvo   2016-08-03 06:17

    First off this glove is awesome. I appreciate the craftsmanship.

    the quality of the leather is top-notch. You can feel the difference in a side-by-side comparison with a glove of similar price. The laces are really good quality which tells me that the glove will last. Custom leather color is well saturated. Hand crafted and well tailored.

    The fit is custom to my hand and fits perfect no slippage.

    Custom elements came out as expected and even better.

  • Christina Addington   2015-12-08 03:42

    My son is going to be so excited to see what Santa brought him on Christmas morning! Capire is the only site I could find that offered a custom catcher's mitt with his team colors available. Thank you for making his Christmas wish come true!

  • 呂昆南   2015-10-21 14:35

    訂製的跟收到的實物完全一致 比想像中的精美
    該硬的應 該軟的軟 即戰力 都不用整理 相當棒的柔軟度
    牛皮內外裡也很紮實 很滿意 雖然比市售成品貴點 但值得擁有!

  • Daniel Crow   2015-10-02 23:20

    He said the padding is excellent and the glove is breaking in rather well and fast.. Thank you so much Capire!!

  • Matt Bolden   2015-09-05 23:00

    This is an amazing glove. I was able to customize every piece with any color unlike many other glove makers. The leather is high quality and well put together. The leather is stiff like it should but comes soften so it is already half broken in. The whole process was short and I will be using capire again for any of my gloves.

  • john pollard   2015-06-09 20:56

    YouTube Channel:[glovesandmore]
    THE SHAG MACHINE Capire Outfielders Glove

  • Kevin Ngo   2015-05-23 09:24

    User Experience Update: 16 months since the purchase.

    Hi I am very happy to be member of capire glove. If you tell me Wilson, Rawlings or Capire I definitively chose Capire because of the best custom I can have out there. Everything is great love it. Some picture of my old classic Capire glove 2014 years very good shape I take care of it very well. Thank you again capire very happy of your glove I will continue with you guy for sure in the future.

  • Eric Prothero   2015-05-21 19:01

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    New Capire Infield Baseball Glove

  • kdedella   2015-03-29 00:50

    Glove is exactly what we ordered. Came in the mail in just a little over 3 weeks. We got it pre-softened and just needs a little work to soften a bit more. Great quality and would order again from this company!

  • Michael Broome   2015-03-06 01:22

    I love my Capire glove. It was fun to be able to customize it, and when I had questions, Capire answered them quickly. The glove came sooner than expected, and the quality is awesome!

  • csheehy78   2015-01-02 11:18

    We ordered the Capire catchers mitt for our daughter for Christmas. This glove is more then we ever expected! She has been with the glove from the moment she received it. It has been so easy to break in, It is almost game ready in under 1 week!
    Thank-you Capire!

  • Philip T. Zusi   2014-12-29 03:18

    Last year I played in 138 games and my fastpitch team won a national championship. This year I'm learning a new position and I needed a glove to stand up to the wear and tear of all the games and practices. The great thing about my Capire is that they not only can custom make my glove to the colors I want, but they made my glove to fit my hand!

  • Kelly Ray Burdick   2014-12-15 11:58

    I won the glove, and it is awesome. It exceeded my expectations. I cannot wait for my season to start on the 12th of January. Reymundo, King of the World, I am going to be snagging everything at 2nd base with my custom capire.

  • raymond leger   2014-11-27 01:50

    received glove for my grandson for holiday gift. love feel and smell of that new leather, a little stiff but just right for break in to his comfort level. As hes only 11 years old , will last 2 or 3 years till ready for a new custom glove from Capire tks

  • Von.Joshua   2014-08-22 13:01

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  • Meadows_Charlie   2014-07-22 09:31

    I absolutely love my red, white, and blue Capire glove! I have had everyone tell me that it is the best glove that they have ever seen, not only the looks but also how it's fits your hand perfectly!

  • 林志軒   2014-07-19 21:07


  • Kris Kienzle   2014-07-16 06:17

    Got my awesome Capire glove from capireglove.com. Unreal this thing is unreal. I am breaking it in now. Getting it ready for the high school season. Will order a first base mitt soon.

  • Mike Drennan   2014-07-10 02:09

    The glove is fantastic! I am a big guy and thoroughly enjoy the fact that the glove was made perfectly to fit my hand. It was made exactly the way I designed it, with my name and number...the leather quality is also very good. After 2+ weeks of intense use its pretty much game ready.Well done Capire!

  • DallasWilliams   2014-07-09 16:15

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  • devilindisguise68   2014-07-09 09:50

    I designed and purchased this glove for my partners birthday. Capire was the only site I could fully customise to her favourite colour PINK. Have received the glove and she loves it!! Quick service and great quality. Very happy!!

  • lindayenrique.carrasquilla   2014-06-27 00:20

    Muchas gracias por ese guante muy hermoso. Lo hicieron muy bien!! // Thank you for this beautiful Glove!! // Vielen Dank für diesen super Handschuh, er ist wirklich sehr gut Verarbeitet!!!

  • lyon.eddie   2014-06-25 00:19

    Great glove. Really nice leather. Fits my hand to the t with the measurements they asked for. Can't wait to break it in and use it in a game.

  • shaun.painter   2014-06-11 09:15

    It's been about a month since I received my Capire custom and I got to say I was pleasantly surprised. I knew from pics that the gloves looked good but they are actually very durable and well built. I'll easily be coming to capire again for more gloves as they helped me customize the glove exactly the way I wanted it! Thanks again!

  • fang   2014-06-10 20:42


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  • swhansen   2014-06-01 11:00

    Just received my Capire! I can't wait to get it broken in and use it in for summer ball. The quality is outstanding and I love the looks of the glove. Will definitely be back when I need to replace my fielder's glove. Go Irish!
    -Dylan Hansen

  • J.coopjkc   2014-05-31 09:46

    I was so excited when my glove arrived today! The glove is high quality leather and being able to customize the glove is amazing. I would highly recommend Capire to people looking to buy new gloves and I will definitely use Capire again.

  • Josh Spence   2014-05-28 11:38

    My Name is Josh Spence. (Pitcher, San Diego Padres)

    A little about me is I've pitched in the big leagues with the San Diego Padres and in AAA with both the NY Yankees and Miami Marlins. I love the ability to customize my gear and to be able to get the quality of leather in 14 days from ordering is incredible! I was able to put my parents name (which is abbreviated) on the inside of my mitt and an array of my team colors on the outside. The glove holds it's shape wonderfully. I would highly recommend Capire if customization and quality is something you're looking for in a mitt!

  • Yodai Nakamura   2014-05-05 02:16

    The glove is amazing! I love how it was made exactly the way I designed it, and on top of that got to me in 14 days! I love the leather quality on the glove. I've only had it for about 3 weeks and its already game ready!

  • snowflake64   2014-04-28 05:14

    I received my sons custom Capire glove and it is exactly what I ordered. I had two special requests and they were fullfilled. The quality of the glove is great! The lines, stiching, embroydery work and detail are great. The colors of the leather are sharp. Sized to my hand and fits great, big bang for the buck. Thanks, Tim Ferguson.

  • Wvm12   2014-04-21 01:15

    A Big Thank You! to Capire. Finally, a glove made to my specific measurements and design. Could not have been more excited waiting to see the finished product. 100% Satisfied!!!

  • Brilynn.oglesby   2014-04-10 20:45

    Capire has the widest selections and color options to choose from. The glove design contest was so fun and I was the winner of the March 2014 contest. However my best day was today when my glove arrived in the mail. I can't wait to play softball and get someone out with my new Capire glove.

    Thank you Capire,


  • antoinette boone   2014-03-15 00:18

    Wow is all I have to say.....it literally is exactly what I designed and wanted...I pulled the glove out of the box and was amazed and I've only worked it in for a few days and it's about game ready..

  • Michael Snyder   2014-02-26 22:03

    After 30 years in professional baseball, I have owned many gloves from manufacturers. Capire have managed to mix quality materials and superior craftsmanship to create a great glove at an affordable price.

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  • zack butterfield   2014-02-25 05:19

    I am so happy with this glove. the custom a2000 cost about 340 dollars and you dont have as much options you can even but writing on the inside of the glove and it takes less time to get here

  • donna armstrong   2014-02-20 03:19

    Awesome glove! Came really quickly to the UK. Great customer service who tracked it for me. Breaking in great! Will buy another one! Tom Armstrong RHP Great Britain 16U and Herts Harriers.

  • Nicholas Green   2014-02-04 20:49

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  • Andrew Frank Sisco   2014-01-30 09:10

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  • George Joslin   2014-01-28 06:07

    Got my daughter's glove today. Only thirteen days from when I ordered it. She loved it looks just like what we designed. Had a few questions when we ordered it and Capire customer service responded very quickly and answered my questions thoroughly.
    Thank you
    George J

  • andrew.taguwa   2014-01-06 08:59

    Glove is awesome! My ten year old son designed this glove himself and he received this for a Christmas gift. He said this was his favorite gift for Christmas this year!

  • William G Radford   2014-01-01 21:14

    I received my custom glove just after Christmas and was so excited! I posted a picture of my glove on Facebook and thanked all of my family and friends for voting and helping me win. It’s exactly what I wanted and is better than I could have imagined.

  • Brad Robinson   2013-12-12 09:49

    Ordered my glove 11/29 and received 12/11... Now that is fast and the glove is incredible. Exactly as I designed, and colors are awesome!! I think I am going to order another one right now!

  • Alan Ramsey   2013-11-29 09:49

    I love my new glove. The colors match perfect the school colors I pitch for. The quality of the leather is excellent. This new glove might not improve my pitching, but I will look great on the mound. Bring on the new season.

  • Steven Clemente   2013-09-30 04:31

    The glove is great. Great quality and craftsmanship. The embroidery is spectacular. The feel of the glove is superb. The speed of delivery was well above what was expected.

  • Matt Strahm   2013-09-12 09:18

    Milb Burlington Royals Player

    I was very impressed with the quality of my glove when I received it! The quality is great and it seems that it will keep its shape for a long time! It's great to have a glove that I created with the great help of Capire!